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He loves practicing law in Rawlins. He works tirelessly to see that the Constitution and principles of freedom and justice are upheld for his clients. He has won total acquittals on three separate First Degree Felony Sexual Assault jury trials and has won numerous misdemeanor jury trials. Further, he set precedent in the Wyoming Supreme Court, securing father's right to be afforded representation upon their parental rights being terminated.

Mr. McCarthy has previously been involved with several youth sports organizations and serving as President of the Laramie Soccer Association. He is a past Board Member of the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association and an active member of the Carbon County Bar Association.

Having grown up in Wyoming, Mr. McCarthy loves spending time outdoors. He is an avid fisher and hunter and enjoys skiing and hiking also.

David McCarthy, PC Carbon County, Wyoming DUI Attorney

An arrest for DUI in Carbon County, Wyoming can be a scary experience. You likely were held and questioned, and potentially performed field sobriety maneuvers or a Drug Recognition Examination. Afterword, you David McCarthy, PC Carbon County, Wyoming DUI Attorneylikely question why you were arrested, how you performed on the field sobriety maneuvers, if the cops violated your rights, what will happen to your drivers license?

An experienced DUI attorney can help answer these questions and work to resolve issues with both the criminal case and the potential driver’s license suspension.

With over fifteen years of legal experience, David knows the ins and outs of Wyoming DUI law. He has practiced in Rawlins, Wyoming courts for over fifteen years. He has helped hundreds with driving under the influence of alcohol, and driving under the influence of drug charges. He assists with both the criminal charges, as well as contesting license suspensions. Working with enthusiasm and zeal, he will protect your rights and ensure the Constitution is not overlooked on your case.

What should you do next?

  • Write down everything

DUI cases are won or lost with details. Why you were pulled over? What questions did the cop ask you? Were you forced to perform field sobriety maneuvers? What field sobriety maneuvers were performed? What was the weather like? Did things other than alcohol or drugs interfere with your performance? Were you given a choice of breath, blood or urine? Were you informed of the impact of giving a DUI chemical test? How did the DUI chemical test proceed? Any Wyoming DUI attorney will need this information to fight for your rights.

  • Request a Hearing on your license suspension

When you are charged with a DUI in Wyoming, you may face an automatic suspension of your driver’s license. You have thirty (30) days to request a hearing with the Wyoming Department of Transportation to contest this suspension.

The results of this suspension can lead to an interlock requirement or the revocation of your license. This is separate from the criminal charge, and you must request a hearing immediately. David McCarthy can assist in preventing an automatic suspension of your license, and challenge the validity of the arrest, and whether the chemical test was performed correctly. You can view information here about these consequences (http://www.dot.state.wy.us/home/driver_license_records/suspensionsignition-interlock.html).

  • Hire an experience DUI attorney in Rawlins Wyoming

DUI charges are complex and involve both criminal penalties as well as driver’s license hearing. An experienced attorney is necessary to defend against both driving under the influence of alcohol and driving under the influence of drug charges. The police rely on Standardized Field Sobriety Maneuvers and Drug Recognition Exams that are not based in science. Further, the chemical tests are fraught with areas of miscalibrations, sample contamination and other errors. David McCarthy has spend hundreds of hours learning about the science of alcohol DUI’s and Driving Under the influence of Drugs. He can spot issues in your case, and work to throw out improper testing.

Mr. McCarthy offers free consultations on Driving under the influence of alcohol and Driving under the influence of drug charges. Contact him and he can assist with requesting a hearing on your driver’s license suspension also.